Encyclopedia of Exploration
Raymond John Howgego

We are no longer offering copies of the Encyclopedia for sale, but we can often source copies if needed: please contact us on books@hordern.com for more information.

We continue to maintain this website devoted to the book and draw your attention to the very useful Geo-chronological index (link at right).            

The highly-regarded Encyclopedia of Exploration has since publication of the first part established itself as a unique and definitive work of reference. The first part covers the period to 1800. The second part continues the history of exploration, travel and colonization through the following fifty years. The third part covers the oceans, islands and polar regions for the final period 1850 to 1940. The fourth part deals with continental and land exploration for the same period. And the fifth and final part deals with Imaginary voyages and invented worlds.



"I can think of no other work of reference, on such a vast scale, compiled so efficiently, and so comprehensively, by a single individual, since Johnson's Dictionary..." (Felipe Fernández-Armesto in the lead article, Times Literary Supplement,  February 2009)