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California Antiquarian Bookfair 2017

Our first catalogue for the year, prepared for the California Antiquarian Bookfair, includes foundation French voyage accounts together with a broad offering of material relating to Cook's three voyages, and two great rarities: Samwell's account of the Death of Cook; and Alexander Shaw's Catalogue of Tapa, long regarded as one of the rarest and most desirable of all Pacific voyage books. Also making the list are James Busby's two influential accounts for the development of the Australian wine industry. Of special note is Fernandes de Lucena's announcement of exploration to the east: a highly important precursor to the "Columbus letter", the English edition of Du Halde's magnum opus on China, and an early Macrobius with the refigured world map. 

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K is for Kangaroo Special Online List

Our latest online list features the kangaroo and is a light-hearted selection of kangaroo games and alphabets, celebrating one of our favourite marsupials. Please click on the link here.  The pdf link below gives further information about other online lists: please click on each list name, they are web-linked, or the link here.

Voyage Books

Our final catalogue for the year "Voyage Books" includes foundation French voyage accounts, together with a broad offering of material relating to Cook’s three voyages, Flinders' Voyage to Terra Australia with the text volumes inscribed “From the Author”, and three dramatic pictorial works: Webber’s famous depiction of the Death of Cook, a striking mezzotint relating to Louis Antoine Bougainville’s circumnavigation after Francesco Casanova (the painter not the lover!), and a dramatic depiction of the La Perouse voyage in Alaskan waters after Crépin. Also included is an impressive world chart by Purdy & Laurie, an archive relating to the maiden trading circumnavigation of the Avondale, and the rare imaginary voyage pamphlet by F.C. Bindemann.

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Occasional List: K for Kangaroo

A light-hearted selection of kangaroo games and alphabets, celebrating one of our favourite marsupials. The first section is devoted to alphabet primers featuring the letter “K for Kangaroo”, and comprises both printed material and a complete set of French nineteenth-century children’s alphabet blocks. The second section is broader in scope, encompassing a range of educational books, games and puzzles. The final part of this list presents seven beautiful kangaroo plates, including delicately shaded lithographs and two prints derived from early colonial days (namely James Wallis and George Stubbs).

Online special lists

Hordern House regularly posts online special themed lists. This month we have posted two new lists:
Cartography; and
Missionaries in Australia & the South Pacific.
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Special Catalogue 2016

Our Special catalogue of 45 items includes Solvyns' great colour plate study of Indian manners and costume, Arago's intimate study of a priest of Guam, together with an 18th Century table globe and a fine watercolour of the iconic Black Swan. Also included are Shaw's catalogue of Tapa: a highly unusual example with extra specimens, Samwell's Narrative of the Death of Cook as well as maps by Brion de la Tour, D'Anville and Sir Thomas Mitchell. 

The New World, East Indies & Asia: Voyages of Exploration, 1558-1889

From William Beckford's copy of Alvares in French to Linschoten's Discours of Voyages, one of the great early illustrated travel books,from Moraleda Y Montrero's remarkable illustrated manuscript journal of Pacific coastal exploration, to rare Lima printings (the second and third printed at the first press in South America), this catalogue of 47  items spans over three hundred years of exploration. It also includes Choris' most beautiful Pacific colour plate books and the limited edition of Garnier and Doudart de Lagree's work on the discovery of the Mekong.  

Nautical Medicine

Our December list is a diverse selection of books and manuscripts relating to nautical medicine. Most material concerns the problem of scurvy in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and some publications arise from the experiences of James Cook at sea. They include Sir John Pringle’s famous Royal Society address of 1776 amongst other lesser known works. The reaction of French surgeons and naval authorities to English advances in the treatment of scurvy is amply represented, see for example the Conseil de Marine manuscript report of 1777 (number 6).

Of special interest are the accounts of surgeons aboard convict transports, charged with caring for men and women under often atrocious conditions. Also included are two Acts of Parliament that changed the Australian convict history forever: one makes surgeons mandatory aboard transports while another empowers them to administer punishments at sea (items 16 and 17). The list concludes with a First Fleet classic by Australia’s foremost convict surgeon John White, bearing the early ownership inscription of another physician.

No such selection would be complete without some mention of that ubiquitous scourge of marine life – venereal disease – here tackled by none less than Admiral George Anson and his peers in the first item.

October Longitude

Our October list presents a selection of rare printed and manuscript material relating to the discovery of longitude. Following the disastrous loss of life at the Scilly Isles in 1707, resolving the problem assumed unprecedented importance and the famous reward was instituted by an Act of Parliament in 1714 (see item number 7). Other items of interest include an astronomy textbook from the library of John Harrison with his inscription, and a letter from d'Entrecasteaux's astronomer Paul-Édouard Rossel dismissing the lunar method.

September 2015

Our September 2015 catalogue details a select range of early printed and visual material from broad Pacific interest to First Fleet and early colonial settlement of Australia.
A few highlights are the unpublished journal of Pacific coastal exploration by Moraleda Y Montero; a marvellous copy of Barros' 16th century Chronicle of Portuguese exploration; voyage accounts by Cook - an unusually extended set in a fine 19th binding  from the library of Edward Henry, fifth Baron Scott; La Perouse; a fine set of Burney with remarkable association, dedicated to his sister Fanny Burney, the novelist; Mary Ann Parker's remarkable voyage account - the first account of Australia by a woman; together with fine marine paintings by Oswald Brierly with impeccable provenance, Thomas Martyn's Universal Conchologist with extra unpublished leaves, the earliest account of Botany Bay by Watkin Tench, together with glorious plate books by Lycett, John Webber and Quadri's panoramic testament to the wonders of Venice.