Online Catalogues

Antarctic Exploration

Our latest online catalogue Antarctic Exploration highlights a selection of manuscript and printed rarities from the 18th & 19th Century, including Cook, Kerguelen, Dumont D'Urville and Wilkes through to those from the heroic age of Antarctic exploration represented by Amundsen, Mawson and (Frederick!) Cook.


Thirteen broadsides and news printings 1780-1886: three relating to George Anson, two celebrating his naval conquests and one, rather less gloriously concerning the control of venereal disease amongst seamen signed by him as Admiral; a rare Sydney-printed poem lauding the generosity of the merchant Quong Tart; a vivid pictorial printing advertising “dioramic lectures” celebrating Australia & America which toured England in 1850, together with a stirringly large broadside protesting Edward Eyre in Jamaica; and one relating to the abortive attempt by George Grey to force his way into the British Parliament.

Pacific Northwest online

Including Choris's most beautiful colour-plate books of the Pacific and Grasset de Saint-Sauveur's unusual Tableau of islanders of the Pacific this themed on-line list includes accounts of Cook's Third Voyage by Ellis and Rickman, a charming French work for the young with plates drawn mainly from Cook; Fleurieu's account of the first French commercial voyage to the Northwest Coast, the second great Russian expedition by Kotzebue and a Swedish edition of Meares' voyage account.

K is for Kangaroo

A light-hearted selection of kangaroo games and alphabets, celebrating one of our favourite marsupials. It includes: alphabet primers featuring the letter “K for Kangaroo”; a range of educational books, games and puzzles; and a selection of beautiful kangaroo plates.

Hawaii 2016

A selection of rare books and prints on the Hawaiian islands, from first discovery to the late nineteenth century. It includes: Captain Cook and Hawaii; surreptitious accounts written by sailors aboard the third voyage; and the French and Russian expeditions of scientific enquiry; as well as  Mission Press books,social history and ethnography.


A diverse selection of cartographic material from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries. In addition to freestanding maps the list includes bound volumes with their charts as issued, as well as a separate section of historically significant atlases. The list concludes with some scarce books relating to the history of map-making, and a handful of recently published reference books.

Convict history and transportation

The penal history of Australia, presented in an eclectic range of books, reports and manuscripts. Some unusual items are included, including a nineteenth-century needlework sampler featuring a ditty about Botany Bay, and a lengthy autograph manuscript regarding convicts and prisons by Alexandre Dumas, the author of 'The Count of Monte Cristo'.

Missionaries in Australia and the South Pacific

A survey of Missionary activity in Australia, the South Pacific and beyond, from the late eighteenth-century to relatively recent times. Of special interest are Australian Aboriginal grammars, historical accounts of the London Missionary Society and Hawaiian mission press bibles. Some New Zealand pamphlets have been included, and a small number of items relate to East Asia.