Two recently-discovered works by 18th Century Women Artists

Monday, May 20, 2019

Our new catalogue includes two important works by 18th Century women artists:
A previously unrecorded album of 45 watercolours by Sarah Stone of Leverian Museum fame. Besides a couple of single images this beautiful album is the only surviving example of Sarah Stone's work after her marriage. It is therefore one of the most significant finds to come to light in modern times by an artist with such fundamental and highly-researched connections to Cook and the European understanding of the Pacific;
A recently-discovered, fine pastel portrait of Sir Joseph Banks by Amelia Susannah Petty. This remarkably fresh portrait in its original frame shows Sir Joseph Banks at the height of his powers wearing his Order of the Bath sash. Our research has shown that the artist Amelia Petty through her well-connected father James, was a member of the same influential London milieu that included Sir Joseph.