Travel Through Objects

Thursday, Oct 07, 2021

Hordern House is pleased to share a collaboration with Michael Reid OBJECT. Travel Through Objects is a collection which has been curated by Michael Reid OBJECT to whisk us away to our past escapes, reminding us of the great explorative thirst humans have had throughout history.

Let’s travel, travel away. Let’s feel the early morning cold nipping air that reminds us we are no longer in a place that’s in time with our circadian rhythm. Jetlag has beckoned us awake to show us the unfamiliar streets outside. Only the fisherman are up before us, throwing their lines over the Bosphorus. Let’s wander down into the Piazza de Spagna and finally see the Spanish Steps as they are, a rare site that is usually covered with people. Ah, it’s a good thing you woke up early. Walking on now, you are lost. Scooters and cars bustle by, street cats fight between your steps. Aromas of saffron, cumin and turmeric fill the air, these smells reminding you it is time to eat. A jingle plays on the subway platform, the train is arriving. Inside you are shoulder to shoulder with others, feeling like the other. Back to the hotel you go, its time to rest. Stepping inside the enormous wooden door, you can feel a cool change of temperature from the large slabs of marble that make up the courtyard.

Click through to view the catalogue at Michael Reid OBJECT.