Pictorial Maritime History

AS THE LOCKS ARE DISCARDED and our Island Home again takes its place on the world stage, Hordern House has chosen a selection of original maps, pictures and engravings that illustrate the diverse legacy of early European explorers and artists who charted and recorded our seas.
The earliest engraving is the 1571 rare map by Arias Montanus which shows for the first time on a world map a single southern continent. The eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries are represented by the remarkable art emanating from French and English explorers in the Pacific.
Two magnificent Pacific paintings are also offered; the superb large 1859 portrait of Admiral Sir George Seymour, commander-in-chief of the Pacific Station, and Conrad Martens’ 1836 View of Tahiti painted in Sydney after his sojourn on H.M.S Beagle with Charles Darwin. The cover image shows detail from a vibrant depiction of Kingston Harbour, Ireland, with a fascinating provenance: a valuable record of two worlds.