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Antiquarian books with a Scandinavian imprint, or a biographical connection, shed light on the common early history of Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. This selection also includes Pacific voyage books, and related maritime works.

Van Diemen's Land

Books and prints relating to early Tasmanian history, including much fascinating material on convict discipline and reform, the administration of George Arthur, and the end of the transportation era. Emigration guides and the Hobart Town Almanacs provide insights into the day-to-day affairs of free settlers, while scenic views and prints depict the growth of townships from the wilderness. 

Inland exploration

Printed material on the exploration of the Australian interior, with special emphasis on South Australia and the central deserts. Many are fine copies from the library of Dr. Robert Edwards AO in attractive Sangorski & Sutcliffe bindings.

Gold in Australia

Books and manuscripts relating to the Australian gold rushes. A wide range of material is included, encompassing legal and technical reports, geological surveys, the art of prospecting, day-to-day life on the goldfields and social history of the era. Most are from the gold-rush era of the mid-nineteenth century, although a few later items relate to prospecting in northern Australia and central desert geological surveys. A handful of fictional works, including stories for children, are also included for good measure.

Of particular historical importance are the official reports into the Eureka stockade, and material relating to the history of Chinese miners on the Australian fields.

Australian literature

A selection of Australian literature including both colonial and twentieth century prose and poetry, and a choice of children’s books and early educational material. Some curious items from our extensive stock include literature celebrating early maritime discoveries in Australia and the Pacific, and a handful of utopias set in the southern land.


New Zealand History

A good selection on the history of New Zealand from our extensive stock.

The nature of this material varies considerably – from small provincial printings to grand voyage publications of the eighteenth century (including Marion Dufresne, Cook and Surville). We have included relatively obscure material on the development of New Zealand society throughout the nineteenth century – with special focus on early settlement, the Wakefield colonization project, land claims, the Maori Wars and curious parochial accounts. Amidst this rich historical selection are highlights including some very rare books, notably Savage’s Account of New Zealand (1807) and Kendall’s Grammar and Vocabulary of the Language of New Zealand (1820). 

Northern Australia

Early exploration and settlement in the tropical North, including the ill-fated Port Essington settlement and later attempts promoted by the government of South Australia. Of special interest are two portraits, the first being an early watercolour of Augustus Leopold Kuper who served as an officer at Port Essington. The second is an photographic study circa 1855 of Captain Montagu Frederick O’Reilly, who navigated northern Australian waters during 1839.