November/December News

Friday, Nov 25, 2016

We have uploaded our final catalogue for the year: Voyage Books which includes foundation French voyage accounts together with a broad offering of material relating to Cook’s three voyages, Flinders' Voyage to Terra Australia with the text volumes inscribed “From the Author”, and three dramatic pictorial works: Webber’s famous depiction of the Death of Cook, a striking mezzotint relating to Louis Antoine Bougainville’s circumnavigation after Francesco Casanova (the painter not the lover!), and a dramatic depiction of the La Perouse voyage in Alaskan waters after Crépin. Also included is an impressive world chart by Purdy & Laurie, an archive relating to the maiden trading circumnavigation of the Avondale, and the rare imaginary voyage pamphlet by F.C. Bindemann.

The catalogue may be downloaded here. This is a linked pdf, so please click on any page for more information and images or search at
In addition, we have uploaded a new themed list on Hawaii-a broad selection including: surreptitious accounts written by sailors aboard Cook’s third voyage; French and Russian expeditions of scientific enquiry; as well as Mission Press books, social history, and ethnography. Please click here for more information. Previous on-line lists may be found here or by following links to individual lists by following our Recent tab above.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to share our exciting news. In April 2017, we will be moving our business from Victoria Street, Potts Point to Riley Street, Surry Hills. Our business hours, web and phone contact details will all remain the same. Specific details will of course follow. Until April it will be “business as usual” from Potts Point.