May News

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

We have posted online our May list: a selection of 25 items ranging in interest from paintings and prints including Clara Allport’s watercolour of Manly and Joseph Smith’s magnificent image of the Waratah; the German edition of Flinders notable for the important map; a fine set of Cook and an early Italian edition of La Perouse with unrecorded plates; together with manuscript letters and an early edition of Thomas More’s Utopia and the scarce anonymous Politician’s Dictionary,of significance to Pacific discovery; as well as a rare Japanese Chronicle of “Foreign Relations” by Karitsu-Gaishi with coloured woodcuts.

As usual, this list is intended as a preview and more information on each item can be seen on our website at with further extensive information, images and condition reports: simply click on the hyperlinked text description in this pdf (or search at

The list can be viewed or downloaded on-line here.

Also on-line is our new occasional list: Portuguese voyagers, a selection showcasing early voyage literature that illuminates the extent of Portuguese travel and exploration in the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries. this list can be viewed or downloaded here .