Vue des Caps du Port Jackson. Nouvelle Galles du Sud.

Paris: Imprimerie Royale, 1833.

Lithograph, 205 x 320 mm.; very good condition, mounted.

Engaging Sydney Harbour view

This fine view shows ships of the Astrolabe voyage passing through Sydney Heads.

This fine view shows ships of the Astrolabe voyage passing through Sydney Heads.
The Astrolabe (Duperrey's old ship the Coquille, renamed in honour of La Pérouse) sailed from Toulon in April 1826. Dumont d'Urville was instructed to explore the principal island groups in the South pacific, completing the work of the Duperrey voyage, on which the commander himself had been a naturalist. Because of his great interest in natural history, huge amounts of scientific date and specimens were collected, described and illustrated in sumptuous folio atlases. The expedition sailed via the Cape of Good Hope, through Bass Straits, stopped at Port Phillip, and arrived at Sydney on December 1, 1828.
The expedition sailed for New Zealand in January 1827, explored Tasman Bay, found a pass between an island in Cook Strait and the northern shore of South Island (the island consequently named d'Urville and the strait "French Strait") and worked up the coast of North Island, completing the "most comprehensive exploration of the islands since Cook's death". They made Tonga in April 1827, explored the Fiji archipelago, New Britain and New Guinea. In November, after a stop at Amboina, they coasted along the northwest coast of Australia and reached Tasmania. In 1828 they continued to Vanikoro in search of traces of La Pérouse, and stopped at Guam in the Marianas, before returning via the Cape of Good Hope, reaching Marseille on March 25, 1829.

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