Catalogues & Lists

European Discovery 1538-1843

Our latest catalogue of fine books, paintings and manuscripts relating to "European Discovery". Highlights include: an exceptional copy of Parkinson's Journal of a Voyage to the South Seaswith the very rare "Gomeldon" pages and original hand-colouring; copies of Governor Phillip's Extracts of Letters (1791) and Copies and Extracts (1792); the extremely rare "Officer" account, the first book to tell the story of the First Fleet; a beautiful view in Macau by Cook's voyage artist John Webber; and a striking portrait of the infamous Major Nunn, attributed to Joseph Fowles. 

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The West Coast, 1616-1829

Hordern House is pleased to announce the release of "The West Coast, European Discovery 1616-1829", a collection of 31 significant books, pictures and manuscripts relating to the west coast of Australia before settlement, chiefly drawn from two private Australian collections. It is most unusual to be able to present such a substantial group of treasures from this important period of Australian discovery, especially as regards the early Dutch voyages. 
Including exceptional rarities such as the rare first edition of Pelsaert's account of the wreck of the Batavia (1647); the first printed map to show any part of the mainland published in the account of the VOC voyage of Jacques l'Hermite; as well as beautiful sets of the important voyages of Dampier, Vancouver, Flinders, Baudin, Freycinet & King, among others.

Acquisitions April 2014

27 items illustrated. Our latest acquisitions list has an eclectic group of 27 books, pictures and manuscripts, with highlights including: an important letter by the missionary Threlkeld regarding his work on Aboriginal languages at Lake Macquarie; a small collection of items relating to the investigation into the wreck of the convict ship Amphitrite in 1833; a magnificent Cary map of London in 1819; a charming watercolour of Hyde Park in 1844; several books and manuscripts on longitude; and a wonderful naïve painting of fin de siècle Manly Pier.

Three Centuries of Voyages 1558 - 1861

A selection of 45 items from the 16th to the 19th centuries. The early material includes excellent copies of such classics as the collections of Hakluyt (1600), Purchas (1626), Valentijn (1726) and Churchill (1732), as well as the desirable English edition of Linschoten (1598). Two highly important Southern Continent pieces are the extremely rare La Popelinière Les Trois Mondes (1582) and the Quiros Memorial La parte incógnita Austral (1612); some significant books on China include the first book in English on China (Gonzalez de Mendoza, 1588); the major French (1735) and English (1741) editions of Du Halde’s Description of the Empire of China, the first definitive work on the Chinese Empire; a superb presentation copy of Anson’s voyage (1748) that belonged to two English prime ministers; a strong section of 18th-century voyages includes major accounts of Cook’s voyages (including the published narratives by Parkinson, Forster, Zimmermann and Ellis, as well as the official accounts); in the 19th century we offer an exceptional complete set of the Baudin voyage account together with a fine set of the Freycinet voyage. Other highlights include a handsome pair of Cary globes, and a remarkable watercolour depicting a meeting three of the greatest polar explorers.

Natural History

A collection of books, manuscripts and pictures relating to natural history, with a focus on Australia and the Pacific. Highlights include a copy of Laborde's marvellous book of views of important French gardens including Malmaison; a lovely copy of Ventenat's Description des plantes nouvelles et peu connues; a rare large paper copy of Smith's Exotic Botany; original watercolours by Samuel Howitt; and a copy of Atkinson's very rare Sydney-published work on brewing and distilling (1829).

October 2013

An interesting collection of 39 items including some most unusual music from colonial Sydney, most notably a march composed for the return of Leichhardt. We have also embedded a link of the march being played by Marlowe Fitzpatrick (see list no. 21). Other highlights include a fragmentary draft letter by John Oxley; a fine portrait of Cook’s first biographer, Reverend Andrew Kippis; the printed letter of Bennelong to “Mr. Phillips” from a German journal in 1801; an oil-painting of the colonial built steamship Governor Blackall; a very rare playbill for a 1790 play on Nootka Sound in British Columbia; and some early works with poems relating to Botany Bay and Omai.

The Great South Land

Searching for the antipodes, from classical scholars to Quiros & Dampier. This catalogue of books and maps tells the story of a New World. Unlike the American discoveries to which that phrase is often taken to refer, this New World is the result of a push to the east and the south. The story of its development from theory to actuality is also the story of the exploration, exploitation, and occupation of the East Indies, South East Asia, and the Pacific as the competing national interests played out their grand battle.

Acquisitions October 2014

Our October list includes a number of interesting maps from the Baudin and Duperrey voyages to Australia and the Pacific. 
Highlights include: good early copies of the accounts of Cooke and Rogers, key works in the history of William Dampier; a fascinating presentation album of a published account of the voyage of the Friendship to NSW in 1799 by Mary Ann Reid; a fine copy of the Baudin map of South Australia, "Carte Générale de la Terre Napoléon"; Jackson's wonderful 1907 book on egg collecting from the Belltrees library; original autograph letters by Harriet King and Wesleyan missionary William Lawry; and a fascinating book on Maritime Geography by Calcutta veteran James Hingston Tuckey, with notes on the newly published Flinders voyage.

Captain Louis De Freycinet and his Voyages to the Terres Australes

An important collection of printed and original manuscript and pictorial material relating to the two great French expeditions to Australia, the 1800 voyage under Captain Nicolas Baudin and the 1817 voyage of Captain Louis-Claude de Saulces de Freycinet. Louis de Freycinet is the figure who unites these two important voyages: he sailed with Baudin as a junior officer, quickly establishing himself as one of the great hydrographers, but also learning the demands of scientific exploration on the remote coastlines of Australia.